About Us

We, the team behind Meeting Points, believe in the beauty and the transformational power of human meetings in which we are able to connect with each other, sharing stories, experiences and ideas. This recharges us and inspires togetherness in which we can make changes within our community.
This is precisely why our mission is to facilitate opportunities for these meetings to take place.
We make this happen through different forms of art, culture, non-formal education and volunteering.


  • Vesy Deyanova
    Vesy Deyanova

    Vesy is a social artist with strong interest in food and culture. She sees both as a great medium for connecting people of all walks of life. Vesy’s background is in disaster relief management which is probably where her desire to work with vulnerable people comes from.

  • Diana Nedeva
    Diana Nedeva

    Diana loves making experiments with social models based on collaboration, openness and empathy. Believes in the power of the human potential and collective wisdom to create creative and sustainable positive change.


We are grateful that we are able to form partnerships with organisations that believe in us and recognise us as like-minded people. In our work we always strive to create opportunities for social change in accordance with the specific environment and the people and spaces within it.

It is important for us to work together with the organisations, communities and companies that share our values. If you see potential partners in us, do drop us a line or get in touch via phone.

We thank the following institutions and organisations for their support:

NCF Bulgaria

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