Cartography of Flavours

Карта на близко(източните) вкусове представлява дигитална разходка из многобройните чуждестранни магазинчета, пекарни и ресторанти в района на Женски пазар.

9 meetings

What do deaf people from Chernihiv, elderly women from a seniors complex in Ivano-Frankivsk, a Polish expat in Stuttgart, a Syrian refugee in Sofia and a sailor from Minsk have in common?


Dreamland is a creative placemaking project that aims to establish Sofia as a city free of prejudice and discrimination.

Deaf Chef

An innovative project, which creates opportunities for genuine meetings between the deaf and the hearing through a series of facilitated group cooking sessions and pot-luck style events.

Kites of Solidarity

An initiative, which brings together children and youth from different backgrounds in order to craft kites with messages of solidarity and togetherness.

Meal to Share

Local and foreigners at one table! With dishes that carry the scent and taste of home and memories.

Food and Spices Walking Tour

A journey for the senses along Tsar Simeon Street - with magical spices and delicious Arab dishes, hidden treasures and stories to share.

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