Globalisation has undoubtedly influenced the last decades of our societies with its impact on cultures and social shifts. Now, more than ever we ask ourselves how we can preserve and keep alive the richness of our intangible cultural heritage – the native dialects, songs, tales, craftsmanship and cuisine.

How can we use artistic practices to bridge the increasing divide between urban and rural whilst creatively transmitting the endemic knowledge of isolated areas?

How can we empower local communities to become co-creators of authentic artistic content?

As part of konserve, we held two workshops, during which we, together with like-minded people from all over Europe, sought answers to these questions. As a result of the meetings and an open call for the collection of good practices, we created a digital archive and a publication.

konserve was done in partnership with the Turkish organisation KARANTINA within the framework of Civil Society Exchange 2020-2021. The project is financed with the generous support of Mitost, Istanbul Bilgi University, Sivil Toplum Çalışmaları Merkezi and Stiftung Mercator.

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