Cartography of Flavours is a digital map that allows us to dive into the interesting area around Tsar Simeon street and discover the many types of food, spices, and human stories. Vendors, pastry chefs, bakers, and cooks from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, and Palestine create combinations of flavors and aromas that make us travel through our senses.

Our motivation for creating this map is rooted in the desire to map out a possible itinerary for meeting the owners of the places where you can discover different interesting products.

For decades, the area covered by the map has been inhabited by people from different countries, cultures, religions. Its diversity has been preserved to this day and it is this diversity that continues to enrich us culturally and socially.

Whether you frequent the area or have never been here before, we invite you to visit virtually and then in person. To peek behind the bakery window, to approach the shelves bent beneath the dozens of jars in the shops, to close your eyes and smell the fragrance of an unfamiliar spice.

The map can be found at:

Illustrations: Vesela Kucheva
Photos: Mihaela Draganova
Videos: Georgi Kozhuharov & Georgi Totev
Sound artist: Rosen Pavlov

The project was realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund under the Socially Engaged Arts Programme.

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