Dreamland (Мечтателница) is a creative placemaking project which aims to establish the city of Sofia as a city of tolerance, empathy and understanding. The mural is the end product of a series of workshops with youth of Bulgarian and foreign origin, in which through a creative process they were able meet and learn more about one another. The overarching connecting theme is dreams, and the final mural, which brings together stories shared by the youngsters, was painted by the artist TOCHKA SPOT.

The first part of the project included a series of online workshops in which participants not only got acquainted with some of the most famous and touching street art works, but also were given the opportunity to share their dreams and aspirations. Through facilitated meetings, youngsters learned more about their peers, their challenges and the things that inspire them, thus broadening their horizons and views of those who are different from them.

In the second part of the project, based on the stories told and the visual content generated during the meetings, the artist TOCHKA created an illustration, which was depicted on the wall of the 22nd middle school “G.S. Rakovski” in the capital. An essential part of the project is the involvement of the participants in each stage of its implementation. That is why the young people were invited to participate in the preparation of the wall for painting.

Over 90 youngsters took part in the project, as well as teachers, parents, principals, social workers and volunteers.

Dreamland is implemented with the financial support of Sofia Municipality, Europe 2020 Program by Meeting Points and Visionary Foundations.

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