Deaf Chef develops and implements an innovative model of work, which creates an opportunity for a genuine meeting between deaf and hearing people, in which the deaf can further develop their potential and enter into a leadership role, developing various skills and new social connections. 

The project’s main goal is to provide an opportunity to meet deaf people and get acquainted with their way of life to learn more about their culture, unity, wealth, and potential.

The project aims to explore the possibilities of involving young people in the restaurant business. This would allow for long-term meetings between the hearing and the deaf, in which they can learn more about each other and increase the number of sign language users.

The project includes a series of events such as:

  • Group cooking sessions led by a deaf facilitator, which are followed by a dinner
  • Events in which guests are invited to bring pre-made dishes
  • A final event in which the working model of the project is presented and future opportunities for the involvement of the deaf in the restaurant industry are explored

Deaf Chef is financed by Sofia Municipality, Social Innovations Program. It is led by Meeting Points Foundation in partnership with MOGA and with the assistance of the Listen Up! Foundation. 

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