Mural, Mural, on the Wall, I’m at Home After All  is a creative placemaking project inspired by women from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine and Yemen who are seeking asylum in Bulgaria. Visualised by the artist TOCHKA, the mural tells the story of the women, capturing their past and present and expressing their desire for a better future in Bulgaria.

During a series of workshops all participating women were invited to bring an item they associate with their home. Using the item as an inspiration, they shared stories of love, laughter, longing, empathy and loss, all of which were masterfully captured on the walls of a school near the iconic Women’s market. In addition to these special objects, the mural draws inspiration from the intricate drawings of Arabic architecture and motives, contributed by many of the women.

Throughout the entire project the women continuously expressed their desire to send a message to the local population. The message – that despite their struggles and regrets of losing their homes, they are ready and willing to rebuild their futures in Bulgaria, taking an active part in society. And so, on the first days of the intervention, together with their children, some of the women came together to put the foundations of the mural, proving that indeed, they are home after all.

Artist: TOCHKA
Partners: Visionary, Caritas Sofia
Donor: UNHCR

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